5 Champions on How to lane vs a Singed

Okay so if you are trying to lane vs a singed you need to harass him as much as you can. If the Singed is smart he will go behind the turrets and proxy the waves and not even lane against you.
If the Singed doesn’t proxy waves, some of the best champions to counter Singed in lane are these.


Kennen – Kennen has serious harass and if he starts a Dorans Blade or a long sword Singed is going to have a bad ime getting harrassed and basically is going to die or have to recall often to heal.
If you are playing Kennen don’t push the wave, let the waves push to you and freeze it as much as possible so the Singed has to walk up to cs. If Singed is farming at his turret in this match up
then he is doing what he wants.


Teemo – See the trend here? Auto attack harass champions go well against Singed. Again if Singed isn’t proxying Teemo can bully Singed out of the lane quite easily. Again don’t push the wave if
you can help it. You should bring Ignite vs this match up and maybe even Ignite and Exhaust and make it where the Singed can’t even farm safely.


Kayle – Kayle is a serious threat to singed in lane. Her slow along with long range E makes it almost impossible for Singed to farm safely. Kayle can also set up ganks extremely well against Singed as her slow is devastating. If I had to pick any pick vs SInged it would probably be Kayle.


Gnar – Gnar is another harass based champion that can also all in very well pre level 6. He can effectively farm from a range with his q if he feels a gank from the jungler coming on or if he gets behind from a jungler gank. Gnar in general is a pretty safe top lane champion vs most matchups. Gnar has a lot of cc once he turns into mega form and is a serious threat to all in singed pre 6. Singed maybe be able to win the trade once he hits level 6 as this is where Singed becomes very strong. Try to put SInged down as much as possible pre 6 to make him not be able to buy items to fight against you.


TryndamereTryndamere is surprisingly good against Singed if he knows what he is doing. He can take ghost and Ignite or Ghost and flash and all in Singed very effectively if Singed isn’t careful. His W slow and E spin to stick to his targets is very effective for all in trades. Once Tryndamere gets a Vamp Scepter it becomes really hard for Singed to do enough damage to Tryndamere because he will just heal up all the damage and use his ult to remain invulnerable to dying. If Tryndamere knows what he is doing he can win vs a Singed and plus Tryndamere does insane damage late game and is always a late game split push turret taking monster.

There you have it 5 effective champions to lane vs a Singed. What do you guys think? Hope you enjoyed this and good luck out there on the rift.


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