5 Good Roaming Mages

1. Twisted Fate – Twisted Fate has really good wave clear with his red card plus wild card combo on minion waves. Twisted Fate can easily clear waves and then use his ultimate to get ganks on either side lane. His ultimate has a 5500 long range on it and can teleport to lanes and gank them. Twisted Fate also has a gold card stun which he can pick before teleporting and stun someone instantaneously.

2. Taliyah – Taliyahs Ultimate is really long range and is really good for roaming after level 6 and can easily clean up small skirmishes if she comes in late to the fight. Taliyah can cut off enemies with her wall and box multiple champions into bad places and get multiple kills for your team.

3. Ryze – Ryzes Ultimate is really good ganking tool and can also get you out of bad situations as well. It has a decent range on it and can bring multiple champions with you or escape with you. Ryze also has a snare to use upon arriving from his ultimate that he can use to cc the enemies to be killed.

4. Xerath – Xeraths ultimate can gank lanes alone by just running half way mid or bot lane and using it to clean up skirmishes. He can also use his ultimate to zone people running away with low hp. With his ultimate such longe range can go halfway to bot lane and use his ultimate and then walk back to mid lane without missing much farm.

5. Aurelion Sol – Aurelion Sols Comet of Legend spell can help him cut people off in side lanes and travel to fights very quickly and he can do a lot of sustained damage if he arrives. His spell is available within the first 3 levels so he can actually roam pretty early compares to other champion who are more ultimate reliant. His ultimate also is a slow and a knock back which can be useful for locking enemies down to be cleaned up for kills.


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