5 Quick Tips On How To Climb Elo In League Of Legends

1. Farming – One common mistake for lower level players is they focus on kills too much and don’t care about farm. 12-15 farm is equivalent to a kill gold wise. You will notice higher level players
usually have high farm for a reason. Sometimes chasing a kill bot lane when there is 10 cs at your tower isn’t worth the investment for a CHANCE at a kill when 10cs is guaranteed. Perfect cs is 100
at 10 minutes. Aim for at least 70 per 10 minutes and work on getting it higher. Sometimes grouping isn’t worth it for your team if there is a huge wave going top, you can go clean up 15 cs and
ping your team to fall back while you grab the wave.

2. Pinging/Shot Calling – One of the most underrated strategies in Solo Queue is pinging and shot calling, especially when you are dead. Being the one to lead your team by pings alone is a HUGE
factor. You need ti learn what to ping and when. If your team aces them instead of farming the jungle ping your team to do baron if you kill the enemy jungler etc. Pinging your teammates to kill
towers on the other side of the map when they are split pushing and the enemy engages on your guys 4v5 mid can be a good call if you guys already get caught 4v5 and the split pusher can’t get there
in time. Pinging your lanes as you see enemies coming towards their lane is EXTREMELY powerful.

3.Small Champion Pool – One thing that is for certain is that learning to have a small champion pool is very useful. It is important to play all the champions a few times so that you know what all
their abilities do as well. There are plenty of one trick ponies out there that main just ONE champion and only play that champion and know the ins and outs of all the match ups so well that they
will always know the match up in lane better then the person they are laning against and that is a significant advantage. It may take time to master each champion, maybe a hundred games or more to get
comfortable but you can be sure it is worth it.

4.Play Easy Champions – One of the best things you can do to climb is to play really easy mechanical champions. Champions like Zed and Lee Sin require a lot of mechanical skill to reach the fullest
potential of that champion. There are a lot of really easy to play champion like Annie, Malphite, Nasus Etc. These champions require less mastery to play them at a higher level and you can focus
on other aspects of the game.

5- Main One Role – Maining one role is important to climbing Elo in League of Legends. It has a similar theory as maining only a few champions or one because it makes everything easier and less to learn
to get higher Elo. Playing AD Carry is vastly different then Jungling for example and require a different mindset. Someone who is a jungler has less champion interaction and needs to focus on ganking,
objectives, jungle routes, etc. Someone who is a Mid Laner requires a good knowledge on how to cs vs the other laner and also how to get kills and not how to get killed in lane.


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