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Having played thousands of Aram Games, this is our Aram Tierlist.

This can generally be applied to all patches. These are in No specific order per Tier.

God Tier – Brand , Fiddlesticks , Dr. Mundo , Jayce , Lux , Master Yi , Sona , Soraka , Varus , Vel’Koz , Xerath.


E spam all day every day. The Dark Wind ability deals so much damage early game, if you max it first and spam it as soon as it’s off cooldown then you’ll be fed in no time. ARAM players seldom get out of E range, preferring to let it bounce between targets until they have extremely low HP. Then comes his ultimate which is almost always at least a free double kill. No wonder his win-rate is so high, he’s so easy to use and do well with.


Just like Jhin, Lux can pick off low HP targets from a large distance away. Her shield is surprisingly powerful in ARAM, as you can reliably shield all five members of your team. With such a crazy low cooldown on her ultimate, her performances in ARAM will always be strong. There’s a reason she’s deemed OP, at least on the Howling Abyss.


If Maokai is the king then Sona is the queen when it comes to controlling team fights. The champion is easily able to take out squishy heroes after getting Rabaddon’s Deathcap and Lichbane while her ultimate makes you powerless to defend yourself. In ARAM, she can kill off an entire opposition with ease. She has all the tools at her disposal which include, Nuke damage, incredible movement speed, shielding, and healing. She is arguably the most powerful champion in ARAM for quite a while now.


Soraka is quite an exceptional champion of ARAM if you build it around AD or AP. What you should do when playing Soraka is that go for the support, she easily becomes a force to be reckoned with while also able to carry the team easily. One of the key items on ARAM for Soraka is Warmog’s as it enables to sit back and just consistently apply regen to your team while also healing yourself in doing so. One of the best skills to use in ARAM is the large AOE silence of the champion which can win you many games when executed to perfection.


Xerath may come as no surprise on our Aram Tier List. Xerath is easily one of the most OP champions in ARAM as it can kill the opposition without getting to the attack range. The champion does require a lot of practice. However, once you get familiar with him and purchase a Morellonomicon you can just sit back and get free kills. It also makes Xerath an exceptional champion to clear creep waves to protect your structures. Xerath also becomes extremely powerful after  purchasing a Rabaddon’s Deathcap or Luden’s Echo.

Tier 1 – Ahri , Annie , Blitzcrank , Caitlyn , Darius , Ezreal , Fiora , Fizz , Galio , Garen , Heimerdinger , Illaoi , Janna , Jhin , Jinx , Karma , Karthus , Katarina , Malzahar , Miss Fortune , Rumble , Ryze ,
Sejuani , Syndra , Teemo , Veigar , Viktor , Vladimir.


If you are having a really bad day and thought it couldn’t get worse, then just think of getting pinned down by Blitz followed by a death sentence from his teammates. Apart from that, he can have great crowd control with his ultimate which not only silences them for a short duration but also deals quite a bit of damage in the process. Just go to the maximum gear with blitz and rampage into the enemy team while having no fear.


The scientist happens to be one of the best champions when it comes to pushing the lanes and in ARAM the job of pushing one lane is not a big deal for him. His turrens offer great control to your team in fights and is an essential tool to push the lane. His missile barrage works like bread and butter with his ultimate and is quite effective overall.


Whether it is the Summoner’s Rift or ARAM, Janna is an exceptional pick on any map. Her shielding, disarming and invulnerability make her one of the most dominating supports in ARAM. As in most of the cases, no one on the opposition cares to take out the support. So, all you to do is spam E or Q for the victory.


The abilities of the champion make him a superb pick when you have to nuke champions with low health on the opposition team. The hero can easily snowball in ARAM as his 4th shot can easily get kills on the scoreboard. Moreover, if you are not good at aiming then his W will also get you a decent number of kills. Most of the Marksmen in the league are not that dominant before the purchase of Essence Reaver. However, Jhin is a great champion from start to end in ARAM.


Karma might not be the best but offers great tools to her team with AOE abilities, crowd control, and a strong shield. All you need to is get some mana sustaining items and then start spamming the enemy team with inner flares followed by the snare and end with a kill shot.


The champion has made quite a reputation in ARAM. If you manage to play him correctly then it can easily win you games. Apart from the silence of the champion, it also deals a decent amount of damage which can bring the odds in your favor. His abilities make it easy for your team to clear creep waves which holds a great defense. If someone is quite annoying on the opposition team then the ultimate of Malzahar is great for individual lockdown.

Tier 2 – Amumu , Ashe , Bard , Corki , Ekko , Gnar , Gragas , Irelia , Kayle , Kennen , Kog’Maw , LeBlanc , Leona , Lucian , Maokai , Morgana , Nautilus , Nidalee , Orianna , Poppy , Rakan , Sion , Sivir ,
Swain , Tahm Kench , Taliyah , Taric , Thresh , Twisted Fate , Twitch , Vi , Wukong , Xayah , Ziggs , Zilean , Zyra.


In ARAM, if your teammates happen to pick champions that don’t provide great crowd control, just pick Kog. The passive abilities of the champions make the opposition quite run for the hills. While Void Ooze and caustic spit not only slows down the opposition but also reduces the armor. You can run but you can’t hide from Kog’Maw in ARAM or anywhere else.


The champion is a great all-around pick. If you don’t go for the tank build and opt for damage, even then he is also an immovable object and can completely wipe out the opposition. Maokai brings an absolute control to your team as it throws saplings near the brushes of opponents turret which bring the odds in your favor. One of the simpler champions in our Aram Tier List. There is not much effort required to learn the champion, all you have to do is be patient.


It goes without saying that Nidalee is arguably one of the most frustrating champions to play against whether it is Summoner’s Rift or ARAM. The champion is easily able to take out one-third of your health with just one spear. Aside from being a decisive nuke, she can also regenerate the health of herself and her teammates which makes it quite infuriating for the opposition. It is easy to win a game of ARAM if you have an experienced Nidalee player on your team.


There are two types of champions that can dominate in ARAM, one type that has exceptional AOE damage and the other type is the sieging experts. The combination of these two types Ziggs has in his posession. The champion constantly throws bombs at you which makes it quite annoying. However, if you are good then you can dodge them however not many players are able to do so. While after the mid game the champion is able to clear waves with a few spams of Q. This makes Ziggs an ideal hero from mid to late game in ARAM.

Tier 3 – Anivia , Braum , Camille , Cassiopeia , Cho’Gath , Diana , Draven , Gangplank , Graves , Hecarim , Ivern , Jarvan IV , Kalista , Kha’Zix , Lissandra , Lulu , Malphite  , Nami , Nasus , Nocturne , Rammus , Riven , Singed , Talon , Tristana , Vayne , Yorick , Zac , Zed.


Looking at the skillset of Nocturne, one might think of him as a good champion in ARAM with his fear and spell shield, but in reality, the abilities are not that effective. Nocturne can easily be burst down in team fights even before he reaches his squishy target. Some players might go for the tanky build, but it’s just not good enough in mid to late game for Nocturne, it is just an average champion in ARAM.

Tier 4 – Akali , Alistar , Aurelion Sol , Azir , Elise , Jax , Kindred , Kled , Lee Sin  , Nunu , Olaf , Pantheon , Quinn , Renekton , Rengar , Shaco , Shen , Trundle , Udyr , Urgot , Warwick , Xin Zhao , Yasuo.


The reason why Elise is not a popular choice in ARAM is that of the fact that inexperienced can’t play her. She is decently popular when it comes to pro scene, but even in the PUB games of Summoner’s Rift, she is not the first choice. If you happen to pick her up accidentally and have no re roll you are in for a wild ride. The fast play of ARAM is not favorable to the low mana pool of the champion which makes her one of the worst heroes to play with.


The game is just not the place to be for Udyr at the moment. He is arguably the worst picks not only in ARAM but in the Rift as well. The champion has one of the worst win rates and the moment and the stats are only worse on the Howling Abyss. He can easily fall in stats in the fast play style of ARAM before getting some decent items. He should not be even in the game at the moment so just avoid him as much as you can.

Xin Zhao

It is without any doubt that Xin is one of the best champions to kill single targets with however he is too squishy. On the howling abyss once you dive with Xin you will just have to pray for your survival or go for a bit tanky build but by doing so the hero loses its dominance. Warmogs is a good item for particular scenarios. But with it, the champion loses the ability to dominate in team fights. Overall Xin is not a good champion at any stage of ARAM which is why he is near the bottom of our Aram Tier List.


Tier 5 – Aaatrox , Evelynn , Mordekaiser , Rek’sai , Shyvana , Skarner , Tryndamere , Volibear.


If the odds are in favor of Shyvana, then she comes out on top when it comes to 1v5 scenarios. However, in ARAM the odds are always stacked against the champion. In this game mode, her passive is of no use as they give damage to Vilemaw and Dragons while in the Howling Abyss are nowhere to be seen. The fighter class of Lol is not a popular choice in ARAM because they are just too squishy to endure damage in single lane. The tanky build is somewhat good on the champion up till the mid-game of ARAM. While this build can be countered easily if the opposition has some crowd control.


Aside from being one of the best late game champions in the Rift, Tryndamere is one of the worst champions that you can pick in the Howling Abyss. The engage ability is not good enough in a single team fight when the opposite team can nuke you from a distance. Although his ultimate can make him live for a while when fighting straight up against a number of champions who has some decent AOE abilities, it makes him a squishy target. While some experienced players can get something out from Tryndamere, the inexperienced one can only sit and wait to end the misery.



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