How To Play League Of Legends?

How to Play League Of Legends?

Well, League of Legends is an Online Moba game that came out in 2009 by Riot Games. It has been a very popular game for a very long time, especially in the Esports scene. How the game works is you need to kill the enemy Nexus.

The enemy Nexus is guarded by two towers.

The front of the base is guarded by 3 towers and an inhibitor which you need to kill as well. Each champion goes into what is called a “Lane” and they fight the enemy in the lane to gather gold from either kills or from “Last Hitting” Creeps to gain gold.

This is an aerial view of the map.

You can teleport back to your base at any time to spend your gold to gain items from the shop to become stronger. If you kill the enemy in your lane you can push their towers down and get closer to reaching the enemy Nexus that we talked about earlier. The enemy towers have lasers that do damage to you if you walk in front of them. You need to kill the creeps in lane and have them tank the turret shots for you while you push down the enemy towers. Once the towers is gone it is gone forever in that game. There are over 100 champion in League Of Legends that you get to choose from at the start of the game. Each champion has 4 abilities for the most part. 3 abilities are normal abilities and one “Ultimate Ability” . The ultimate ability is a more powerful ability that usually has over a minute cool down. Other spells have a much shorter cool down usually from 3-15 seconds for the most part.

There is one champion in the game that is a “Jungler” that kills monsters in between the lanes in the jungle and comes out every so often to get in a “Gank”.

A gank is a kill on the enemy. The jungler will come out of the bush from the side of the lane and surprise the enemy getting a kill. There are things called “Wards” that you can place down in bushes to track the enemy jungler. There are a lot of different damage, tank, attack damage, and magic damage items to choose from in the shop. Generally there are 5 different types of laners with variations. Bottom lane is usually an “Ad Carry” or also know as a “Marksman”.

He is paired with a support.

A supports job is to keep the Ad Carry alive because he will be the one doing most of the damage later in the game so its important to protect this guy. The Ad Carry is an attack damage carry that shoots from a range and needs to use his abilities to try and “Kite” the enemy getting out his damage without receiving any in return. The Middle lane is fill with mostly Mages and Assassins.


Both are champions that do a lot of damage and kill enemies very quickly but are very “squishy” and have to be careful not to take damage. The top lane is filled with “Tanks” for the most part.

They try to be the tank or the primary engage for your team and are usually and good front line champion to soak up damage. The jungler is usually someone that can either farm the jungle well or someone that can gank well. He/she maybe have a little bit of both in his kit. When you die in League Of Legends there is a “Death Timer” that counts down and you can’t re spawn or go back to lane for usually 10-60 seconds during the game depending on how long the game has gone. The trick is to kill the enemy and then take their towers and inhibitors and finally their nexus when they are dead or at a disadvantage from someone on their team being dead of behind on gold or items. There is something called a “Dragon” and a “Baron” and also a few buffs that spawn in teh jungle that you or your team can kill or group up to kill and you get buffs for a few minutes or sometimes permanently so you become stronger in the game. The games usually last around 30 minutes and are really fun. When you kill the enemy inhibitor “Super Minions” will start spawning and they are minions that will naturally be stronger and push down enemy towers by themselves forcing the enemy to retreat and clear the minions while your team can get buffs and push down other towers. Well that answers the question “How do you Play League Of Legends?” What are you waiting for? Get out there and have fun!


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