League of Legends New Season Update

League of Legends new season update

The new League of Legends season will be kicking off from tomorrow. There are some updates in the NA LCS scene with 100 Thieves and title favorites’ TSM making some significant changes in the team roster.

100 Thieves completed their NA LCS team

As the beginning of the eighth season of NA LCS is approaching us, the teams slowly end their positions for the new season. A number of LoL teams presented the squad for the next season, and Team 100 Thieves joins them in the mix!

Given that the 100 Thieves team is a newcomer to NALCS, there is no doubt that their roster would be made up of 5 players who so far had not much experience playing together. The composition of the team is staggeringly strong, and the only possible synergy would be between Johner and the mid-laner due to the joint appearance of the Phoenix1 team during part of the season 7.


On the top lane, Ssumday, a Korean player who already has experience of playing in NALCS, performed for the Dignitas team. Ssumday was one of the strongest players of the Dignitas team in the previous season, and with his LCK-playing experience, there is no doubt that the top-laner of 100 Thieves team will be a strong asset of this team.


The NALCS league veteran, Meteos, will be in the position of the Jungler in the “Thieves” team. This jungler started his career in 2012, for Cloud9, where he gained popularity and he performed between 2013 and 2017. Then he moved to Phoenix1, for which he performed for half of season 7. His experience and the ability make him a good shot-caller in the team, can definitely help in the team’s playing.


Jo “Ryu” Sang-vok will perform for 100 Thieves as a mid-laner. This former asset of the European team H2K, proved to be a great player during the past season, in which he was one of the best individuals on his team, Phoenix1. His performances helped the team to survive in the league. He was also one of the better players of his team when Phoenix1 was placed in the semifinals of the Rift Rivals tournament in the inter-season. With experience from LCK and EULCS, Ryu will certainly have his contribution to the team.


The Bot Lane team works as a dream team. One of the best ADC players from last season and one of the best supporting players ever to perform on the American LoL scene. Cody Sun and Aphromoo will be the duo on the bottom of the map. Cody Sun was one of the main stars of the Immortals team during the season 7, in which the team qualified for Worlds.

Aphromoo, a player who is known for his mega-aggressive play during the laning phase, as well as great moves throughout the entire game. This bot duo has a lot of potentials to succeed. It is made up of two players of the aggressive style of the game and there is no doubt that their opponents on the back will have difficulty overcoming them in the 2vs2 duels.

TSM in the competition

Despite all this, there is still a team that carries the flag of favorites. We are talking about TSM. The biggest NA franchise has changed the few weak spots in the squad last season, to make an even more competitive set.

Zven and Mithy, the two big signings

The two big signings are Zven and Mithy. The two former members of G2 made the decision to leave the Ocelote club after another year of international failures. As a result, they failed to pass the group stage.

After this, they made the decision to leave Europe to start a new adventure. On this occasion, the needs of a club that sought first level reinforcements, with two players who wanted to fight for all the possible titles, came together.

Former team problems – TSM

Prior to the joining of Zven and Mithy in the team, the botlane formed by Doblelift and Biofrost was one of the worst pairs of the world’s past with a KDA of less than 2 by the ADC.

The real problem on the part of TSM last season was the jungle position. Dennis “Svenskeren” Johnsen showed a very inferior level to the rest of the team.

His limited Champion Pool was a real handicap when making compositions. His Gragas is spectacular, within the skills that the champion has, but outside of this pick, his power drops significantly.

The data shows them. His win rate with Gragas reached 87% during the summer split and got 100% in the playoff to take the title. However, with a pick as strong as Sejuani was, it did not exceed 33 %, which perfectly illustrates his situation in TSM.

For this, they have decided to incorporate Mike “MikeYeung” Yeung, one of the great promising stars of North America. The idea that they have with this player is to expand the Champion Pool of champions in the jungle and above all, to be able to take much more aggressive options.

The new TSM jungle has shown an enormous quality with champions like Nidalee, with which he has 87% of victories. In addition, he has come to take picks as unusual as Zac or Shyvana.

Ultimately, the idea of ​​TSM this season is to regain the title, something that will not be so easy due to the huge competition that there is this year. But above all, if they improve their performance, they can secure a good slot in the Worlds and get through the phase of group stages.

The beginning of the new season

Season 7 has already ended a while ago. Now during the offseason and transfers of players, Riot has announced the start dates for the EU and NA LCS. The NA LCS starts on 20 January. The opening game is Team Liquid against Team Solo Mid. The EU LCS starts a day earlier on 19 January. In it, the finalists from last season G2 open against Misfits.

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